Alessandro Franco – Metamorphosis

Poseidonia City of Water_ Archeology and Climate Change

Parco Archeologico di Paestum (Sa), Italy

Metamorphosis is the video installation expressly commissioned by the Archaeological Park of Paestum to the visual artist Alessandra Franco for the exhibition “Poseidonia city of water. Archeology and Climate Change”. By bridging the past, present and future, the work uses the Temple of Neptune as a screen-canvas, transforming it into a media façade, to shake the consciences of a passing public who crosses the archaeological site without necessarily crossing the threshold of the museum. The multifaceted subject of the work is water represented in its double indispensable and saving as terrible and destructive form, just like the divinity who embodies it and to which the name of the Cilento city is legendarily linked, Poseidon. Through slow and meditative processes of metamorphosis or sudden apocalyptic interventions, Alessandra Franco, using the amazing technologies of videomapping, paints with light a narrative based on a cyclical flow as is water and as is history itself. By exploiting the transversal nature of the moving image and the spectacular nature of video mapping, the goal is to show the power of nature and the risks we face due to global warming.

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