Capri B&B

Raffaela Mariniello (Naples 1962) and Eugenio Tibaldi (Alba 1977) are artists who don’t belong to the same generation, nor did they grow up in the same city; they also both depart from esthetics which are quite different. However their work has the same kind of starting-point and their research shows affinity, such as the fascination for the peripheries, the attention for the microcosmoses and an idea of beauty that overturns every common feeling. The show in the Certosa is composed of 20 works, among these photographs, installations and collages. The greater part of it has been realized in a site-specific way. These works show a common reflection on the island of Capri, on its non-common beauties, on the relation between man and nature which elicits the myth that enwraps the island and whose aura legendarily continues to be nurtured by mass tourism which has also invested in this pearl of the Mediterranean.

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