Project Room Madre Museum – Naples

Curator of Project Room, Madre Museum, Naples, Italy

Concept development of the project room programming; management of “Transit”, a networking project with the Middle East: contacts with partners, sponsors’ research in Italy and in the selected Countries (Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Greece), selection of the artists and organisation of their residency programs both in Naples and in the identified cities (Cairo, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki).

Support to the artists for the research and the development of their projects, testing the feasibility of their works; exhibitions’ organisation, set-up and press communication both in Naples and in the above Countries

Main Exhibitions:

Are you Optimistic about the Future? by Andreja Kulunčić in collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

Transit 4 – Eugenio Tibaldi | Dimitri Kotsaras, Jennifer Nelson (curated with Katerina Gregos)

Transit 4 at State Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece

Naked Lunch by Moio& Sivelli

Very visible secretly hidden by Donatella Di Cicco

Transit 3: Raffaella Crispino | Eden Bannet (curated with Mayaan Sheleff)

Transit 3 at CCA – Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

A Piece of my Art by Roberto Amoroso

Transit 2: Danilo Correale | Didem Özbek and Osman Bozkurt (curated with Pelin Uran)

Transit 2 at PiST///Interdisciplinary Project Space, Istanbul, Turkey

Transit 1: Domenico Antonio Mancini, Sherif El-Azma | Nermine El Ansari (curated with William Wells)

Transit 1 at The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo

Do not Touch by Giuseppe Stellato

Empathy by Mariangela Levita