Rosi Rox – Agile Fragile

Agile – Fragile

The title of the exhibition takes its cue from the last work realised by Rosy Rox during the pandemic that gripped the planet, finding in Italy the first dramatic European example. AGILE is the protest of an artist who normally feeds on her relationship with the public and who finds, in the solitude of her home, a sarcastic outlet in the semantic game of the box, the only theatre available in a time of forced confinement, to bear witness to the condition of the woman and the artist: FRAGILE. Rosy Rox’s work has always focused on themes linked to female identity, starting from her own experience she tells of her inner world, her desires, through the use of her body, which becomes an object of aesthetic contemplation and philosophical reflection: a body synergistically immersed in space, emanating energies according to empathic fields, a cognitive device, first and foremost for herself, but which deflagrates in contact with the public.
Fragility and resistance are the opposite and complementary poles within which Rosy Rox’s performance practice moves, which is part of a long history of feminist tradition from body art to participatory performance with a latent political intent. In a path as solitary as it is universal, the artist cries out to the world for the rights of women who continue to bear the burden of discrimination or political and social constraints. Always biblically caught between the heroic and the heretical, between death and rebirth, the sacredness of the spirit and the profanity of the body, her language feeds on an imagery as realistic as it is dreamlike, transfiguring hidden fears, traumas, frustrations and rebirths in a symbolic theatre in search of emancipation through the freedom of art.