Skin Taste #5

Danilo Bucchi – Paesaggio Sospettato

With an abstract pictorial sign at first glance but full of silent narrations, Bucchi in Suspected Landscapeintroduces us into an “another” dimension, in which a barely mentioned figure speaks directly to the unconscious of the spectator. As in a surrealist screen play, the six panels – independent and loose from a spatio-temporal reading – seem to restore an intimate flow of consciousness. In an alternation of plans, iconic hominids of the artist’s language, similar to the twentieth century tradition of psychic automatism, they inhabit a “landscape” interspersed with violent touches of red and punctuated by references to domestic life. Apparently playful but sometimes disturbing, the work of Danilo Bucchi is both dreamlike and realistic, giving the viewer the power of interpretation and perhaps of identification.

As Achille Bonito Oliva writes, Bucchi does not fly free in the truth of matter, he does not want to transform art into a practice that cancels the physical gravity of the world … he wants to strengthen it by the foundation of a real, figurable method, capable of extracting a sign, formalizing and circumscribing in the enclosure of a necessary shape is the dark weight of color.

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