Smash the Myth

Performance art from Croatia – Croazia – Igor Grubić, Bruno Isaković, Sanja Iveković, Siniša Labrović, Alen Sinkauz – Nenad Sinkauz, Sandra Sterle Museo Hermann Nitsch and Quartiere Intelligente Paragrafo

SMASH! this is the fil rouge of the exhibited works and the intentions of its organizers. With a positive meaning, Smashing the Mythcelebrates destruction as a semantic act for the construction of new realities, for overcoming limits and categorizations, and for the breaking down of physical and identity boundaries. Performance as a preferred artistic expression contains the characteristics of dissolution of language and of osmosis between different forms of art and, on this occasion, it is presented trough its innumerable methods: from intervention in urban space to the direct involvement of the body, from symbolic action to audio visual synaesthetics, finding in the first experiments of video performance in Eastern Europe a sort of generational baptism. Smashing the myth presents a cross-section of Croatian art today somehow iconoclastic and provocative that gives back a strong and combative image of a generation of artists who, on the one hand proudly affirms their roots, on the other hand rightfully claims an idea of ​​art free from the dark economy and from the dominance of capital. Constantly questioning the value and the power of art in society, it is also evident in their artistic research the direct comparison with the history of art in a wide sense: from the Russian utopia of the early twentieth century to the bitter irony on the contemporary art market today, passing through the breakdown of barriers between art and life.

Year: 2018, November