Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders (Düsseldorf 1945) was one of the protagonists of the New German Cinema period of the late 1960s. His activity as a film maker has always been paralleled by his work as a photographer. Each photograph describes a suspended ambiance, realizing images that represent desolate places or urban landscapes in which elapsing time seems actively present.

Notes of a Journey is the title of Wim Wenders’Villa Pignatelli exhibition, on display from September, 21st to November, 17th 2013. The show brings together a selection of 20 pictures of varying sizes taken during the last ten years, which have been published in the artist’s most recent catalogue of 2013, Places Strange and Quite.

The photographs, realized in Germany, Armenia and Japan, are accompanied by the artist’s writings, and “immortalize” his thoughts, just as the images do.
Wenders uses photography as a medium to observe and capture the reality from which humanity is moving away, as we are so captivated by the virtual nature of our modern world and its digital technologies.

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