Skin Taste #2

Skin taste 2

Flavio Favelli presents two dream teams composed of the same “actors”. The artist appropriates and manipulates the images of some famous figurine (the stickers) that portray eleven football players while wearing the outfits of the AS Roma and the SS Lazio, that is to say, the players militated in both teams during their career. A parade of faces more or less known, on which the changes of time hover in a both tragical and poetical way, and that implicitly tells stories of lives and contradictions.

“There are few players who have worn both outfits of Roma and Lazio during their career”, Flavio Favelli says. “I remember some because they were among the figurine I collected with dedication. This collection, like the others I put together – stamps, packets of cigarettes, beer and other beverage cans, labels, stickers and postcards – I connect with long moments of solitude in my past. These Saints of soccer, Italians and foreigners, accompanied me, as to escort my figurative pantheon, as if they had thaumaturgic properties.
An army with coats of arms, flags and colours that filled a vacuum coming from afar”.

In Campioni Flavio Favelli combines the noble language of art with the POPular one of the soccer game with efficient frankness, united to the playful moment of childhood, when many of us collected these stickers. Campioni intends to celebrate personalities in sports and simultaneously demystifies the impetuosity of the football cheer through that poetry dear to the artist, of reinterpretation and defunctionalisation of “objects” belonging to his private collection.

Favelli continues: “they only have lived the world of paradox, contradiction, of the impossible, the unthinkable, the antithesis, the prohibited, up to the oxymoron and the mortal sin.
They make up a double team, a different, imaginary reality.
Two metaphysical teams, suspended between the two hemispheres of the Urbe”

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