Skin Taste #4

Skin Taste 4

OLD FACTORY NEW CAPITALis a work in which the aesthetic and conceptual vision of Grubić and Mariniello is combined and almost fused together. The artists‟ research on the industrial areas and abandoned, empty, factories is focused not only on the point of view of the urban landscape changes but also on social and economic development. This topic is reflected in the choice of six background images – alternately by one and the other artist- that depict industrial archaeologies from different regions of the Mediterranean, from Balkans to Lebanon through to Athens and Naples. Their subjects are like concrete skeletons and ghost places that sweat a
distant past and now have become symbols of neglect but at the same time could be read as an opportunity, to encourage new economic strategies.
The work plays on the subtle balance between the image – in which the expert photographic glance of Raffaela Mariniello is recognizable – and the message that advertising mutates dynamics – typical Grubic practice – whose Russian-inspired fonts brings with it revolutionary load of constructivism, definitively antithetical to our present. OLD FACTORY NEW CAPITAL, does not hide bitter irony, reflects on phenomenon of post-industrialization which spread, at different speeds, in the economy of Italy and Croatia, and detailed in the Ostiense area where Porto Fluviale in located in Rome. This work aims to register the long and difficult process of conversion not only of an urban area, but of the whole society.

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