Skin Taste #3

Skin Taste 3
is an internationally well-known artist for his use of distinctive drawing lines made by Bic pens. By means of the pen he translates images stolen from the network to manual drawings with a strong artisan character. ‘The Show Must Go On’ is the title of the work that the artist will produce for SKIN TASTE where the blue lettering of the famous pen overlies the most well-known icons of the world of cinema: Dream Works, 20thCenturyFox, Paramount, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Warner Bros e Columbia. The images are immediately recognisable from the film production companies which hold the world-wide monopoly of the ‘Seventh Art’, at least from a commerical point of view.
‘The Show Must Go On’ alludes to a statement which is used and abused in the Society of the Spectacle (and not only) to indicate metaphorically the flux of time, but it is also a precise message that the artist would like to transmit. Stampone’s images seem to throw a laconic warning towards the Italian capital, headquarters of the illustrious Cinecittà founded in the days of Fascism. Without ever abandoning the political role of art, Stampone would like to make us reflect on the grotesquely spectacular drifts of the city, on the fact that it is always more simple scenic design and finally on its unstable political situation.

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