A project curated by Adriana Rispoli which from 2013 to 2018 has given a new face to the over 500 square meters facade of Porto Fluviale in Rome. Each year an artist is invited to create a large site-specific work in poster paper, involving the public in transit in front of the building, with an artistic and not commercial message. Skin Taste goal is the redevelopment of a metropolitan area, that wants to become a new incubator of creativity, with the specific mission of generating a synergy between worlds that are not so distant, such as art, food and wine.

Skin Taste #5 – Danilo Bucchi – Paesaggio Sospettato 2018

Skin Taste #4 – Igor Grubic/Raffaela Mariniello – Old Factory New Capital 2017

Skin Taste #3 – Giuseppe Stampone – The show must go on – 2016

Skin Taste #2 – Flavio Favelli – Campioni – 2015

Skin Taste#1 – Mariangela Levita – Fusion color – 2013